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The Flint Hills Chapter of the BOOZEFIGHTERS MC was established in May of 2000 near the Scenic & Historical Flint Hills Region of Kansas. The mission and goal of this Chapter is to continue the BOOZEFIGHTERS MC`s Long History & Tradition of Brotherhood, Riding, Racing, & Partying.

The BOOZEFIGHTERS MC have never been "One-Percenters" or an Outlaw Club. We believe in respecting the rights of all Motorcycle Clubs in a peaceful, co-existent manner, and of all members of the community. We believe in Freedom of Choice & Freedom of The Road.


It was 1946 when an individual named Willie Forkner crashed through a fence during a race and joined in the fun. The club he was in did not find it funny so they kicked him out.

Well Willie took it in stride and went about finding others who had the same outlook on life and opinions on what fun was. He didn't have to look long or far. Fat Boy Nelson, Dink Burns, George Menker and more then a few others were ready for a change in some of the formalities of the clubs at the time.

It is said that the club was actually formed at the All American Bar in Los Angeles. A fitting name for a group that consisted of many Veterans of the great War, they had been there, done that so to speak and the quiet life just wasn't in them. They were not what we understand as Outlaw bikers, just a bunch of American Men that needed a little more excitement that your average person.

So the Boozefighters were formed, future legends born. A movie was made called the Wild Ones staring Marlon Brando, not a true depiction of the life at the time but an interesting thing is Lee Marvin had a part in the movie. He was called "Wino". (Yes the character was based on Willie Forkner 1920 - 1997).

The Boozefighters is among the oldest of the clubs in existence and have enjoyed a good reputation for years. Yes they drink a little and make some noise, you might say they party hard. It has been said they are really a drinking club with a motorcycle problem. Truth is they have a very long and colorful history.


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